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 Globocnik’s Men in Italy
Abteilung R and the SS-Wachmannschaften of the Operationszone
Adriatisches Küstenland 1943-45

(English text)


German Armoured Formations in the OZAK 1943-1945

(English and German text)


and Panzer-Abteilung 208 – I. / Panzer-Regiment “Feldherrnhalle” 

(English text)

Operationszone Adriatisches Küstenland - 
Udine Gorizia Trieste Pola Fiume and Lubiana during the German occupation 1943-1945

(Italian text)


Gruppo corazzato "San Giusto" 1934-1945

(Italian text with English summary and photo captions)

I reparti Panzer nell'Operationszone Adriatisches Küstenland

(English and Italian text)



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